NFT REVIEW Decline in NFT Royalty Payments: What Does It Mean for Creators?

NFT creators have experienced a significant drop in royalty payments, reaching a two-year low in June, according to data analytics platform Nansen

The decline in payouts has been attributed to the rise of royalty-optional marketplace Blur and OpenSea’s policy, where collectors have the choice to contribute more to creator royalties.

Decline in Creator Payouts

June’s peak week saw creators collectively earn approximately $3.8 million in royalty payments, a stark contrast to the peak of nearly $76 million in one week of earnings observed in April 2022. 

This downward trend has raised concerns within the NFT community regarding the sustainability of royalty earnings for creators.

The emergence of Blur as a royalty-optional marketplace, coupled with OpenSea’s policy allowing collectors to choose their royalty contributions, has contributed to the decline in creator payouts. While the practice of contributing additional royalties is not widespread, it has affected overall earnings for creators.

Blue-Chip Collections Bucking the Trend

Despite the overall drop in royalty payments, several well-established NFT collections have continued to generate substantial earnings. 

Yuga Labs, the creator of popular collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club, has amassed nearly $166 million in collective royalties since their inception. Chiru Labs’ flagship Azuki collection has grossed over $58 million in royalties, including its derivative projects BEANZ and Elementals.

The report highlights that the decline in royalty payments began before the floor price of Bored Ape Yacht Club reached a 20-month low and before Azuki’s Elementals mint experienced challenges. This suggests that other factors have contributed to the dropoff in earnings for creators.


The significant decline in NFT royalty payments observed in June raises questions about the sustainability of creator earnings in the NFT market. 

The rise of royalty-optional platforms like Blur and OpenSea’s flexible policy have influenced overall earnings for creators. However, notable blue-chip collections have continued to generate substantial royalties, showcasing the potential for sustainable earnings in the NFT space. 

As the market evolves, it remains to be seen how creators and platforms will adapt to ensure a fair and thriving ecosystem for NFT creators.

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