NFT REVIEW Darewise Entertainment and Horizen Labs to Launch Bitcoin Metaverse Token

Darewise Entertainment, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has taken a notable step in the ever-evolving metaverse landscape by partnering with Horizen Labs. The collaboration seeks to introduce a new metaverse token developed on the Bitcoin network. This initiative directly aims to provide an alternative to Ethereum’s prominent standing in the metaverse and gaming sectors.

Horizen Labs, known for its expertise in zero-knowledge cryptography, will play a pivotal role in this joint venture. The company will extend its support and consultancy services to streamline the token development process, ensuring its seamless integration and operation within the broader digital ecosystem.

Bitcoin’s Role Beyond Store of Value

Benjamin Charbit, the CEO of Darewise Entertainment, shed light on the potential of Bitcoin that extends beyond its commonly perceived role as a store of value. He emphasized Bitcoin’s original design, which favors peer-to-peer transactions. This perspective opens up a plethora of opportunities for developers and companies to explore Bitcoin’s utility in innovative ways, especially in the metaverse domain.

With the introduction of the new metaverse token, Darewise Entertainment intends to integrate it within their flagship game, “Life Beyond“. Players of the game will utilize the token as the primary in-game currency. This will facilitate transactions related to virtual assets and lands, enhancing the gaming experience and offering players a tangible connection to the metaverse’s evolving financial ecosystem.

Addressing Skepticism and Looking Ahead

The announcement of this Bitcoin-based metaverse token has stirred both excitement and skepticism within the industry. Detractors have raised concerns regarding Bitcoin’s ability to manage intricate transactions with the speed and efficiency that metaverse and gaming environments demand.

In response to these concerns, Vincent Marty, a representative of Darewise, acknowledged the challenges that lie ahead. However, he remains optimistic about the future, hinting at upcoming technological advancements that may reshape the broader metaverse and gaming spheres.

This partnership between Darewise Entertainment and Horizen Labs signifies a broader trend of exploration and innovation within the Web3 space. As companies venture into new territories and seek to harness the capabilities of different blockchain networks, it becomes evident that the digital frontier is ripe for expansion and growth.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Darewise Entertainment and Horizen Labs serves as an exemplar of the ongoing evolution of the metaverse and Web3 domains. With a focus on leveraging Bitcoin’s inherent transactional capabilities, the duo aims to usher in a new era for in-game economies and virtual interactions.

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