NFT REVIEW Create AI-Infused Sneakers with Reebok Impact and Futureverse

Reebok, the iconic sportswear brand, has unveiled “Reebok Impact,” an AI-driven fashion initiative on Instagram. This new platform hopes to transform sneaker culture by enabling everyday users to create custom digital sneakers using AI technology.

Transforming Sneaker Culture with AI

“Reebok Impact” allows sneaker enthusiasts worldwide to convert photo memories into unique digital sneakers. By simply sending a photo via Instagram DM to @reebokimpact, users engage in a real-time chat with Futureverse‘s AI, which crafts custom sneakers based on the photo’s colors and style. 

Participants can select from iconic Reebok models such as the Pump, Classic Leather, or Club C, and personalize these digital versions with AI-generated art. Notably, each sneaker embeds the original photo memory within its sole.

On this platform, users can create up to four digital sneakers for free. These can be shared or purchased as game-ready files compatible with various platforms, including Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), Roblox, and other upcoming virtual experiences like the AAA MMO game OPEN, inspired by “Ready Player One.”

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Digital Fashion and Personal Expression

Todd Krinsky, CEO of Reebok, expressed his enthusiasm for the new venture: “We are excited to partner with Futureverse to explore new and engaging ways to bring our brand’s ethos to a wider audience. Through Reebok Impact, we look forward to revolutionizing the digital fashion landscape and providing our customers with a unique and immersive experience.”

Echoing this sentiment, Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald, Co-Founders of Futureverse, highlighted the collaborative effort’s significance: “We couldn’t be prouder to introduce this initial experience as part of our long-term partnership with Reebok. Together we’ve pushed the boundaries of both personal expression with the exemplification of life imitating art and art imitating life. Leveraging AI creates an easy-to-navigate user experience that meets sneaker fans where they are.”

As avatar wearables gain popularity, Reebok and Futureverse are paving the way for innovative interactions that connect the virtual and physical worlds. This initiative not only offers digital customization but also incentivizes real-life sneaker purchases, enriching the overall consumer experience. 

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