NFT REVIEW Assassin’s Creed NFTs: Smart Collectibles Bridging Gaming & Blockchain

Ubisoft, a leading player in the video game industry, has joined forces with Integral Reality Labs to introduce a new concept: Assassin’s Creed Smart Collectibles. These innovative assets are essentially NFT access passes created on the Ethereum scaling network, Polygon.

These are not just digital tokens; they are tied with physical collectibles inspired by the much-loved Assassin’s Creed, a hugely popular action franchise inspired by different historical periods.

Ubisoft’s Innovative Leap

Ubisoft, a French multinational company, is no stranger to the gaming community. Since its inception in 1986, Ubisoft has consistently delivered high-quality, immersive gaming experiences. Famous for creating franchises such as Far Cry, and of course, Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft has sold millions of copies globally, solidifying its reputation as a titan in the industry.

These newly minted “Digital Soul” NFTs offer a unique experience. They give owners the power to customize and redeem a physical collectible—a 3D-printed memento featuring a hero from the game series encased within a transparent cube.

From a range of outfits, weapons, and poses, the customization options vary depending on the rarity level of the NFT. Higher-tier NFTs unlock more customization elements for the related physical collectibles.

The embedded near-field communication (NFC) chip is an exciting aspect of these collectables. By merely tapping a smartphone, owners can view a digital version of their character within a companion app and access more features tied to the project.

Assassin's Creed
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The pricing details are still under wraps, but the official mint coming soon.

This intriguing development follows a previous collaboration between Integral Reality Labs and Ubisoft, which saw the release of customizable, 3D-printed collectibles based on game franchises such as Assassin’s Creed and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. However, this is the first time the collectibles are linked with a digital component.

The Impact on Web3 Gaming and the Future of the Industry

Introducing these Smart Collectibles could have an interesting effect on Web3 gaming. By combining physical collectibles with NFTs, Ubisoft and Integral Reality Labs are blurring the lines between the physical and digital gaming worlds. This move might serve as a gentle introduction to blockchain gaming for those yet to embrace the technology, leading to broader adoption of Web3 gaming.

In the grand scheme of things, Web3 gaming is still in its infancy. Although several players, including Ubisoft, are taking strides towards integrating blockchain technology into their offerings, there is a long road ahead. Still, emerging concepts like Assassin’s Creed Smart Collectibles is a promising sign that the transition is possible.

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